I design Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

wearable in different ways.

My name is Denise Laghezza, I was born in Italy, in a town near the Mediterranean sea where the sun shines all year long.
The Sea and the Sun belong to me and they inspire all my creations.

I studied 'Design & Communication" after that I started to work as an Interior Designer.
I lived in many cities learning a lot from the different cultures met.
Now I live in Lugano, in beautiful Switzerland, with my husband and my son.
In Lugano, I design and made all my creations.

I learned from my travels to be versatile and flexible and that's what I research in my project: my goal is to create versatile pieces wearable in different ways according to one's mood.
I love statement jewellery but easy and comfortable enough to wear it every day, for this reason, I use different materials a different technique mixing Italian creativity with Swiss reliability.

Thank you