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Modern jewelry handcrafted in Switzerland.

I take care of the Dendesign Jewels collection, I design and handcraft each piece. I choose

to make the collection in very limited numbers with the utmost attention to details and design, in the way I can  personally take care of each customer.

The beauty of the natural stones and the modern design create a collection of accessories that brings bright personality even to the simplest of outfits.

The Dendesign Jewels are:

  • VERSATILE:         You can change the style of jewelry, they can be worn in different ways according to your style and mood.

  • COMFORTABLE: The details are made in hammered aluminum. It is tarnish-resistant and lightweight. I use fabrics and leathers because they make the jewelry soft and comfortable to wear, suited for people who do not tolerate metals.

  • UNIQUE PIECE:  Dendesign jewels are made with gemstones, each stone is unique.

  • CUSTOM JEWELRY: The luxury of having a personal Jewellery that create especially for you, reflecting your  vision and personality. Each Dendesign Jewellery piece can be done in different colours or stones, available at the time of the order. Feel free to ask for options.

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