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I really love to make a statement necklace. A collection of necklaces that brings bright personality even to the simplest of outfits.

Stunning adjustable handcrafted necklaces.
You can wear it either as small or a long necklace, perfect for a night out and for the day. The necklaces are full of details handcrafted with gemstones.

They are important necklaces but very comfortable to wear:

  • I use textile wire for those who don't tolerate metals on the skin

  • I handmade the details in hammered aluminum,
    aluminum is very tarnishing resistant and lightweight.

strong creation handmade with bright personality and attention to each detail, from the front of the necklace to the back where beautiful details remain on the back of your shoulder.

If you would like to receive info about the availability or the price of the following necklaces please contact me I will be happy to answer you.

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