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Brown long necklace, statement textile necklace made with brown agate, a versatile necklace, high fashion necklace, statement brown necklace.



The “Dendesign Jewels” collection is entirely designed and handmade by me in very limited numbers.As artisan I created the jewelry one at a time, at the moment of the order, since each gemstones is unique, variations in the shape, shade and color tones are characteristics of an exclusive item.That's means that the jewelry you will receive will be unique and it could have the gemstones slightly different from the photos. Before to ship I will send you the photos of the exactly gemstones I will use for your order that means that you will know exactly the jewel that you will receive.


When I design my jewelry, I always think the functionality, I love designing necklaces that can be worn in different ways,
since we feel different every day it's nice that our necklace will change with us, following the various outfits that we will choose.

I made this necklace using beautiful brown Agate gemstones, with white wood in different shape, a lovely contrast of colours.
This statement necklace is a showstopper that's sure to turn heads.
Have fun changing every day!
You can easily slide the necklace in the circle of the clasp and shorten it, or you can tie differently the threads, knotting them..
In the photos you will see 3 different ways to wear it, but you can find your own style.

You can wear this versatile necklace long or short, perfect for a night out and for the day.
Soft and comfortable to wear, this textile necklace is very well suited for people with allergies who do not tolerated metals.
The details of the necklace are in aluminum hand-forged: the metal is tapered, twisted and hammered.
This necklace makes you look very bright and stylish.

The packaging is sewn and assembled by hand, piece by piece, with care, passion and constant attention to details.
I use beautiful fabrics and I personally made the perfect elegant pouches that will contain and protect your jewelry every day.

M A T E R I A L S & D I M E N S I O N S

  • -Rectangular brown Agate stone
  • -White wood - different shapes and sizes
  • -brown agate beads
  • -Silver Hematite cubes
  • -Oval mother of pearl
  • -Hand forged aluminum
  • -Brown /Chocolate colour for the stretch wires in lycra

Brown long necklace, versatile necklace

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