Bib necklace. A statement agate necklace , a unique necklace. Contemporary necklace, modern necklace. A modern handmade necklace it is a unique gift perfect for any occasion.





Stunning handcrafted statement necklace adorned with beautiful bold agate stone. Looks luminous on the skin, and fabulous against the fabric of your favorite top.

The necklace is adjustable, perfect for a night out and for the day. The details of the necklace are in aluminum hand-forged: the metal is tapered, twisted and hammered. Aluminum is very tarnish resistant and lightweight. For those who love to wear unique and original pieces, a stylish creative woman who likes to adorn herself with important and original jewelry.



  • Red Fire agate stone
  • The clasp of the necklace is made in black leather sewn by hand
  • Hammered aluminum
  • The wires are in stretch lycra
  • The length it is adjustable



The packaging is sewn and assembled by hand with care and constant attention to details. I use beautiful fabrics and I personally made the perfect elegant pouches that will contain and protect your jewelry every day.

Statement necklace with fire agate stones

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